From our Parents

All three of our boys thrived in the HSPK environment; feeling safe, loved, and welcomed. HSPK became our family, and years later, we are still friends with the families from our time at Har Shalom. Our biggest concern was "Would a Montessori-inspired program prepare our learners for the expectations of traditional public school?" We can answer this with a confident "yes" as our children entered public school knowing how to listen and follow directions, demonstrate above-grade level letter and number knowledge, and excel in character traits that make them good little humans.

What our Parents say about Har Shalom Preschool

We have wonderful memories from your school and we believe we have been so lucky to have had our kids there as preschoolers. Thank you!

Elliot and our family had an amazing experience with Har Shalom. We truly loved being a part of the community. We will all cherish our time with the school.

Har Shalom Preschool and Kindergarten is more than a school, it is a truly special community of caring mentors who guide their students with loving-kindness as they set out on the amazing journey of growing up. As my daughter would tell me, 'Miss Ilene makes school feel like home, and she never ever runs out of hugs.' Feeling at home in school is no small task for a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. My daughter’s S.P.D. has made her feel different from other children so many times, but at HSPK she joyfully found that we are all unique, and we all do 'what is just right for us.' The staff genuinely cares so very much for all of their students. They create a warm and welcoming space for each and every child, and my daughter always felt valued, respected and heard. I don’t exaggerate when I say that HSPK was life-changing for my little one and my family. We are forever grateful for our very special two years.

Our daughter Sophia attended Har Shalom Preschool and Kindergarten for two years. As a non-Jewish family we were slightly concerned that Sophia was not familiar with any of the Jewish traditions, holidays, etc. Yet, she had enjoyed going to school from day one and probably more so on those “special days” – celebrating Jewish holidays! Although the classroom is fantastic (spacious, well-organized and welcoming), we do think that the teachers are the most important element in educating young people. All teachers at Har Shalom are very, very caring, knowing the needs and preferences for each individual child, providing an amazing loving environment and a unique teaching style!

I just wanted to write and thank you and your staff for all of your time and love in working with Elliot this past school year. We feel so very fortunate to have experienced your special school.