Materials Waiver

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Har Shalom Preschool uses a Montessori inspired curriculum with materials specific to its implementation. Materials might include scissors, large push pins, plastic sewing needles, and educational materials (such as puzzle pieces and art supplies) that are small enough to be swallowed or inhaled. All of these items are essential to specific lesson presentations that our teachers have been well prepared in demonstrating to your child. The safety of your child, when using these materials, is always our primary concern. Your child’s developmental readiness for a particular presentation and use of a material is observed and documented through an ongoing formative assessment by the lead teacher. Please acknowledge that you understand the use and benefits of these materials and your consent that your child be able to use these materials in our classroom by completing the form below.
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I understand that there are materials in my child’s classroom which could pose possible hazards. I understand that my child will be given lessons in how to use these materials in a safe way and will be supervised in their continual safe use. I accept that these materials are present in my child's environment and that my child may interact with these materials throughout the course of the day. I acknowledge that the benefits these materials will have for my child outweigh the possible risks.
Parent Assessment of child readiness for a Har Shalom Preschool mixed age 2 ½ - 5 yr. old classroom:
  • My child uses verbal language to communicate basic needs and interests.
  • My child demonstrates a curiosity in materials and activities
  • My child handles toys and materials with small parts in a safe manner
  • My child is no longer exploring materials orally.
  • My child demonstrates the ability to follow a one- step direction.
  • My child demonstrates an ability to respond in a positive manner to re-direction or a limit
  • My child enjoys a preschool classroom experience as evidenced by interest, curiosity, willingness to interact with materials, and positive verbal expressions.
  • My child is progressing toward independence with toileting or is fully independent
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